4 Signs of a Cheating Partner

Photo Courtesy - citypeoplenews.com

Photo Courtesy – citypeoplenews.com

If you have gone through the dilemma of being cheated upon by your so called love, then you would as well agree with me that it is one very bad experience that one  mustn’t even as far as  wish one’s  enemy. The pains and heartache one feels seeps right down into the pores. This then makes one to begin to wonder why one’s partner should do such a thing in the first place.

Could it have been a mistake? Could it be plain wickedness and heartlessness on the part of your partner, so that he or she cares less about what you feel? On the other hand, could the signs have been written on the wall, and yet the victims fell deaf ears and continued to hope that you were in the right track?

Whatever the case may have been and whatever may have applied isn’t as important as the fact that the victim probably ignored some very vital signs that indicated that the partner in question might be a big cheat.

Alright, so let us look at some signs that might show that your partner might just be a cheat.


  • If Your Partner all of a sudden wants Some Privacy

Being in a relationship means that you and your partner are supposed to be very open with each other, as well as open up when you need to be alone. However, what happens when your partner all of a sudden wants to be left alone? Something most definitely might be amiss. If all of a sudden you observe that something he or she ordinarily wouldn’t make a private thing has suddenly become something to make private. Take for instance; the phone which perhaps wasn’t pass worded, now has one, or the clamor for some space, et al.

  •  An alteration in Work routine

This may be a sign you might have to really consider, especially if your partner used to get back home on time and all of a sudden there is a need to stay back more at work. Here, your attention would be needed to really scrutinize and be sure that it is for a genuine reason. This is because some cheating partners usurp this opportunity to hide under the deceit of working overtime, thereby having enough time with their side lovers.

  • When He Forgets Special Dates

It is okay to be forgetful sometimes, but what happens when you forget all the special dates you share with someone you claim to love? Well, this might be the case with a cheating partner. This is because of the attention being given to the side lover, who might in turn cause some special attention being given to you to plummet. What must you do? Try to probe why all of a sudden special dates like your birthday, relationship anniversary and other vital dates is all of a sudden being forgotten.

  • When Your Instincts Say So

Your instincts more often than not say the truth. This means you must begin to pay adequate attention to it, if in the time past you just haven’t. This feeling comes when you just can’t place reasons why you feel your partner is cheating on you, but the gut feelings are so strong. What then must be done, you might ask? This is when you put on your antennae to see if there would be signals to be picked on anything of that sort.

There you have it, 4 top signs of a cheating partner. There still are a whole lot more tell tale signs that your partner mighty be cheating on you, but you must be sure to get all your facts right before calling his or her attention of your observation.  You just would agree with me that it sure pays to be safe than to be sorry. So, be sure to take a cue from these tips and save you some heartache.

2 comments for “4 Signs of a Cheating Partner

  1. steve
    February 24, 2015 at 11:52 pm

    I have always enjoy write-ups from Joy Nwokoro. But I must say nay on this one. The first three points given as basis for suspicion of cheating might be entirely due to different conditions. Lateness from work might be due to increased work schedule. I have personally experienced this as well as wanting to be left alone with my thoughts when disturbed by some financial or other things unrelated to my relationship. Sometimes one need to have his or her thoughts gathered and focused. And of course, passwording a phone might be to keep official secrets and important work related stuffs. Lastly, forgetting dates is as common as stars in the sky. It has multi-tentacular causes. Least of all cheating.

    I beg to differ on this post.

  2. Eye_Bee_Kay
    February 25, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    I think I am totally with Steve on this one .

    There could be other reasons for the for at three “signs”, and unless you are psychic, your gut feeling is ordinarily not a good divination tool !

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