A TAX EVADER: Robber or Survivalist??

There Is No Worse Tyranny Than To Force A Man To Pay For What He Does Not GET Merely Because You Think It Would Be Good For Him.

I recently silently listened to somebody canvassing the idea that Nigerians don’t pay their taxes, and that makes it unjustifiable for them to demand good governance. Citizens should do their bit first, before demanding accountability from government, bla bla.

 Not Paying Your Tax Is Equivalent To Stealing From The Public Till Like Those Corrupt Public Officers

I disagree. Totally.

To Expect That The Informal Sector Would Just Wake Up One Day And Become Tax-compliant, Without Rigorous Government Sensitization, Education And Enforcement Is Actually Naive And REVEALS A TROUBLING DISCONNECT WITH THE REAL WORLD OF EVERYDAY NIGERIANS.

It is the same kind of thinking that gave birth to the rash thinking that Nigerians Are Lazy or that Poor People Are Simply Soft In The Head

Paying Tax Is Good But Governance Is A Two Way Street. Let Government Begin To Live Up To Even The Most Basic Of Their Responsibilities Then They Can Have A Moral High Ground To Demand More Tax

The clamour for citizens to WILLINGLY PAY their taxes in this clime is simplistic, and while sounding politically correct / altruistic, is mostly the kind of talk we get from politicians. GOOD sounding, but in reality, impracticable.


For those who can afford the BASICS of life, paying taxes is not much sacrifice, but to the already overburdened average citizen, deprived due to years of maladministration and treasury brigandage, paying their official tax is self annihilation.

He would be foolish to willingly comply.

In climes where there is high tax compliance, they don’t have pothole riddled roads that make you spend more to keep your car serviceable, they don’t pay “toll” to the men in black despite the vehicle particulars being complete, they don’t have to run their generator with attendant costs due to a non functional public power supply (despite paying for what is not consumed.. for years), etc, etc,

Pay your tax, and some pea-brained official can afford to take fifteen SUVs to go attend the child birthday of another rapacious official, or go to Germany to treat migraine?

spraying money

NOT paying official tax is not necessarily criminal.. it depends on the circumstances.

There Are Countries Where Income Tax Is Not Paid.

Some countries like Japan do not have oil. Nigeria has oil. We did not work for it. If we have been managing the oil resources well, I want to believe Nigerians (the low income earners) do not need to pay any tax at all.

With an avaricious ruling class, it is clear that the ordinary rules applicable in more civil and orderly societies don’t hold much water here.

Likening an overburdened tomato seller toiling in the sun to feed her family to a thief like the overfed government official who steals billions with a pen is taking ridiculousness to Zenith bank.


Government cannot expect people to keep tightening their belts when the officials are living in obscene luxury from the sweat of the same Nigerians.

Eventually, the ordinary citizen could be taxed to death,and be pushed to the point where we will have the kind of uprising that occurred in North Africa…

So, as a Nigerian citizen, would you willingly pay your tax without being coerced, despite and in spite of the gross abuse of office by our the thieving government officials.? Do you think some categories of Nigerians should be totally exempted from tax?

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  1. ADE
    January 4, 2017 at 12:19 am

    Two wrongs does not make right

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