3 Top Effects of Delay in Marriage and How to Deal With It

Marriage is one phase of life that nearly everyone looks up to. In spite of this, there still are some sections of folks who shy away from it and say that marriage just isn’t their thing. For whatever reason this has come to be with them, truth is that marriage is a natural instinct that God himself put in man. So that after all is said and done, marriage automatically becomes the next port of call in one’s phase of life.

Whether marriage comes at age eighteen, or at twenty-five, or even at a later stage of thirty-nine, every young one dreams of that special day to walk down the aisle with that very dignified person and tie the nuptial knot. This is no wonder the Christian religion considers it as a very honourable and holy institution that must be reverenced.

However, it is worthy to note that despite marriage being a joyous thing, there still are avalanches of folks who find it pretty difficult to locate that better half. It is no longer news that life is queer with its twists and turns, so that it throws some curved balls at us. Curved balls like; difficulty in converting a simple relationship into a long lasting one, or not knowing how to go about locating that right person despite one being emotionally, physiologically and financially ready for it, as well as not having the financial muscle to accommodate marriage.

So, just what are these effects of delay in marriage especially when you are ready for it and just can’t seem to see it materializing?

Extreme Anxiety

photo courtesy - citifmonline.com

photo courtesy – citifmonline.com

Desperation is one situation that can be likened to a state of hoping to clinch a medal and then all efforts towards it proves abortive. It is for this reason that an author said ‘desperadoes aren’t born, they are made’. Because of the delay in marriage, some ladies even resort to starting a family outside of wedlock. Whilst on the other hand the male counterparts goes all out to continue to satisfy their sexual urge by having any woman they want.

The lesson here is that you must master the art of being less desperate and anxious. This might sound so easy to say but very difficult to act out especially if you are an older single. Truth however is that the more desperate you become; the more likely you are to make mistakes by marrying the wrong person.


photo courtesy - sugardaily.ng

photo courtesy – sugardaily.ng

Delay in marriage sure triggers frustration. In fact this is one situation that most singles are in. However, it is important that you know that this isn’t the best state to find yourself in, especially if you have tried so hard severally and yet failed severally. Truth is that the key to avoiding frustration does lie with you. You have got to channel more energy on building and developing yourself to be a better person, rather than brood over the fact that you aren’t married yet. Go on a self discovery mission and be the best you can be so that by the time that lucky person comes, you would be irresistible.


photo courtesy - jeunecitoyen.wordpress.com

photo courtesy – jeunecitoyen.wordpress.com

If you are an older single whose friends are all married, then you are able to relate with this more. The seeming ridicule one faces as a result of the many questions family and friends pose at you cannot be quantified. It even happens that in some cases you might begin to avoid some people just so that you stay away from answering these endless questions. Here is how to deal with this; first off, know that you cannot escape these questions. Whilst some who probe you might be concerned, yet others might ask out of sheer mockery.

The solution consequently is not for you to lose your cool. Provide answers to these questions whenever they are posed at you as calm as possible and by saying you are working at it. The more broken down and positive they see you are about it, the likely they might not ask you about it again.

Above all, it is time that you know that there is timetable for us all. That all your friends are married just doesn’t mean that they have perfect marriages. In fact, your period of waiting simply means that you have got to learn all that needs to be learnt about marriage, so that you make the best partner when you eventually get married.


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  1. Steve
    February 6, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    Good advice if you ask me. Joy really says it as it is. Keeping your cool and knowing that if others achieve it, then it is not out of reach, is the key here.

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