3 Tips That Can Change Your Free Lunch Mentality

A first glance at the topic of this read might make you giggle and say; ‘Who is asking for a free lunch;?

It might interest you to know that unconsciously there are many people; especially youths who are ‘asking’ for free lunch. They so think that the society owes them. They go on and on whining about how the government owes them and how their families must serve them. Their gait depicts that they are arrogant and they think so highly of themselves, that they refuse to work with their own hands or minds. There are those who even believe that the Creator is indebted to them.

Some  graduates  have resigned  to only work with their certificates and not bring themselves to do any other thing other than what they studied in school even when it is becoming obviously difficult that good jobs are scarce.

So, they attach themselves to others – call them parasites if you like. They beg, they borrow, they cheat, and some even steal. This free lunch mentality is such that is gradually creeping into all facets of life.

But why would some young, energetic and vibrant young people become so laid back?

In the light of the foregoing, what should young people do to take control of their own lives?

Perhaps these tips might help;

  1. Accept the reality of your situation

It is important to stop living in a dreamer’s world and accept the reality of life. If things aren’t working as planned, brace yourself and change your approach. As it is said, “There is no free lunch in Freetown.”

  1. Determine to contribute

You should endeavor to make your own contribution to the development of society. Know that your of your duties is to make the world better than you met it.

  1. Make up your mind to stand out from the crowd

This is important. Majority of young people would rather go with general opinion than dare to stand out from the pack not knowing that taking such stance is the beginning of saying no to waiting on the system for sustenance.

There you have it folks! 3 top tips that can help change your ‘free lunch’ mentality. Make these tips yours and you would be on your way to being a better person.



1 comment for “3 Tips That Can Change Your Free Lunch Mentality

  1. Eye_Bee_Kay
    January 3, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Make up your mind to stand out from the crowd


    And that’s why I said…

    You can’t stand out without stepping out..

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