3 Things Must Know Before Starting a Serious Relationship

If you look around you to see folks who are already in a serious relationship, chances are that you wouldn’t fail to see the magnitude of seriousness some of them channel into the relationship. In fact, for most of them; they purport to do their very best to see that it all ends in a long lasting relationship.

The question therefore is; are there things they learnt along the line? Could it be a deliberate effort to want to make things work, or is it plain luck, that they have found themselves in a serious relationship, whilst some folks have to still struggle with theirs?

Whatever the case may be, it is very important that you know that there are three fundamental things to know before starting a serious relationship. These things they have perhaps done, that you aren’t doing. Here are the 3 factors you might want to consider before starting a real relationship.


1. Be Psychologically Ready

It is so true that money plays a good role in a relationship. This is no wonder that some folks have said that; ‘romance without finance might not work’. On the other hand, it is important to note that for instance; with the men folks, having all the money without being mentally ready, might amount to nothing. This is because you must be ready in all ramifications, and one of such ways is being in the right state of mind. People who aren’t this much ready find it pretty difficult to keep a relationship. For this reason, you have first got to work on your state of mind.

Be sure that you are mentally mature enough to handle what comes with being in a relationship like not handling discussions with levity like a toddler, knowing when to draw the line when you are going overboard with issues and all.



2. Be Emotionally Ready

No one comes into a new relationship with the hope to make it a blissful and lasting one with baggages from the past. If there are baggages from the past that you have, then you must be willing to rid yourself of some of these weights that might cause hindrances in your new relationship. If for instance; you were in a relationship where you had a partner who talked you down at any slightest provocation, then you might have to heal completely first, before moving on to another, or else you might see this present partner as one who has the same tendency, when in the real sense you might just be judging from with your past hurting experience. Hence, one of the things that you must know is that being emotionally ready is one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

Couple embracing

3. Work On Bringing Something to the Table

You have got to really think about bringing something really tangible to the table. By this, I mean working on your values, ideologies, and what have you. It isn’t enough that you always look to have this character trait or that personality trait in a partner, without first fine tuning yours. If for instance; in time past you have mastered the art of patience and self control, then know that these are assets you have and there isn’t nothing bad in looking out for such or even more in a partner. You may also consider building up some skills that you have, as well as having some great values. All these and a whole lot more are things that make a relationship work

Photo courtesy - playbuzz.com

Photo courtesy – playbuzz.com

There you have it guys. You can go on and on whining about how you haven’t been able to get things right. Respite is here, as the key to that area of struggle is working at achieving these three things.

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