The word Love comes across to different people in different ways. In fact, what one person A feels about love might be a total opposite of what person B thinks. This is the reason why experts have continued to press that love means differently. Could this also be the reason why we have come to know all around the world a famous aphorism that says ‘Love is blind’?

Whether love is blind or if it truly sees might just be a good question to be answered by the two parties practically involved in a relationship. For this reason, you just might agree that there have been a lot of assertions made about love that is just a ‘blatant lie’ (if you permit the term).

If in doubt, then here are 3 love myths you thought was true that isn’t near being true.

Love Is Blind

First on the list is the very much bastardized view of love being blind. Who says?  Those who hold this view very dearly affirm that your sense of reckoning and drawing meaningful conclusions just blanks out when you are in love. So that even if your partner behaves irrationally, or treats you badly, you are able to swallow it hook, line and sinker. Some folks have had their emotions badly bruised as a result of the fact that they saw dangerous signals in the relationship, but ignored them because they were in love. How sad! This is the reason why the saying Love is blind is a charade. Truth is that love does see and see you must.

Love Comes But Once

Here it is believed that love only comes once in a lifetime and that all other feelings you might have towards other people after the supposed relationship ends is a joke. Experts have debunked this saying, they say  that because you fall out of love with a person, doesn’t mean you couldn’t possibly find another person with whom you can fall head over heels in love with. Lesson to be taken here is that you have the entire wherewithal to go on loving till you arrive at the right person for you.

Love Makes You Complete

It is true that when you find that one special person you love, that there is a feeling of achievement. However, it isn’t true that that love completes you. You being in love with a person doesn’t been that you have found completion. In the real sense of the word what love does is complementing you through the personality of your partner. Some folks get this wrong by not working on themselves, and hoping that once they find love they become complete. Rule of thumb to live by when in search of love is that you must first work on yourself so as not to live in delusion that you would be complete when you meet the right one.

There you have it. 3 Love myths you thought were true. Well, good thing is that you now know and so you must be ready to work on these areas so as not to be disappointed peradventure something goes bad in your relationship.


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