Sadness (part 2)

“How come you’re still here?” I asked Maya as I entered the apartment that evening. “No tuesday-tuesday medicine today?” “Nope” she replied with a forlorn expression. “Damen has gone home to see his mum”. In the seven months since they’d begun dating, this was the first I’d heard of Damen breaking the tuesday-date night ritual. “Cheer up” I persuaded, i’m sure we can find something fun to do”.
The love boat was encountering a lot of obstacles these days. I could see my sister losing herself under the weight of being understanding and supportive with the one person that could comfort her, being the one needing the comfort. Most times, I was tempted to tell her to let go of him. But that was a cruel thought. Everyone needs someone in their time of sorrow, I just hated to see her suffer so much. Of course, this could not be compared to what Damen himself was going through.
You see, if there was one person Damen loved more than Maya, it was his mum. As the church choir director, he was ever busy in church. But no-one could take the place of his mum. If he wasn’t at work, in church, or with Maya, then for sure, he was at home lying on his mums lap. The two of them had a bond that everyone envied. Maybe this closeness was as a result of the fact that he was born with a small heart and needed extra care, love and attention which his mum showered him without inhibition. Or maybe it was because he was the first son after three girls, but one thing that was undisputed was this- to him, his mum was GOLD.
It was particularly heart-wrenching therefore,when in a sudden, ugly turn of events, his dear, dear mother took ill and was diagnosed with cancer. Anemic cancer, and it was spreading fast.

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