Men who are not in control of their sexual behavior may suffer from sex addiction, also known as hypersexuality, sexual addiction, or compulsive sexual behavior.

Is this addiction a disease or habit?

When engaging in sexual intercourse, they focus solely on the act itself, without forming emotional bonds with their partners. The act is solely for its own sake.

These kinds of people basically masturbate using people, objects or even animals. They are simply after sexual release by any means possible.

People who have a sex addiction are obsessed with perpetual sex thoughts. These thoughts permeate most of their waking periods. They spend a lot of time thinking about, and having sex.

They generally refuse to admit (and therefore confront) the problem.. They defend themselves by pretending that their actions are perfectly healthy, that they just love to have sex.

Someone who suffers from a sex addiction often engages in activities that can be harmful or even “threaten” his social and professional life.

A sex addict would feel powerless to resist visiting porn sites even while at work, despite warnings or danger of losing the job. There would be problems in his relationship with his partner because of his repetitive infidelity or because of his addiction to watching pornography. Unless the partner is also a sex addict, this would be a source of constant conflict between the two.

He could also risk his health by capriciously having unprotected sex with strangers or prostitutes – on a whim. He may also risk running foul of the law by engaging in unusual (perverse) sex (publicly) or constantly seeking new sexual adventures.

Can We Classify Sex Addiction As A Mental Disorder?

No; Sex addiction is not listed as part of mental illness, so it is not considered an official mental disorder. Some psychiatrists do not believe it should be listed as a disorder because giving it that medical qualification will give those who engage in these excessive activities an indemnity on what they do -an excuse for them not to take responsibility for their aberrant behavior – as if this is something beyond their control..

Sex addiction is a behavior that can sometimes be criminal and so can not be trivialized as just being a deviant behavior.

Another reason for not listing sexual addiction along the lines of mental disorders is that socially accepted sexual behaviors may be rapidly different across cultures / religion.

Some psychologists however believe that sex addiction is similar to addiction to alcohol or other drugs. As a result, not considering it as such will prevent men who suffer from it from seeking and getting the professional help they need.

Before addiction to sex is considered a mental disorder, reliable studies must first be carried out that provide information on the diagnostic criteria, prevalence rates, biological and neurobiological characteristics of individuals considered as addicted to sex. Scientists should also further investigate the causes.

For example, is it a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, an impulsive control deficit or a problem with emotional regulation? If these are confirmed, the medical community would then be compelled to accept the addiction to sex as a disease similar to alcoholism.

Some behaviors associated with sex addiction include Compulsive Masturbation., Having Multiple Sex Partners, Persistent Consumption Of Pornography, Engaging In Unprotected
(Cyber)Sex, Sex With Prostitutes, Exhibitionist Behavior / Voyeurism And Sexual Harassment Of Others.

As with other types of addiction, a man who is addicted to sex often finds that the sexual acts he has do not provide him with enough emotional or physical satisfaction. He is therefore constantly looking for “more” – more partners., more time spent on pornographic sites, sexual intercourse multiple times a day, etc.

He feels helpless in the face of temptation and can not stop, even if he is acutely aware that his obsession can cause him financial, relational, health and social problems. Just like the captive Compulsive Gambler. He can give up more important and more vital tasks to engage in sex.

Many men who suffer from this addiction fruitlessly make several attempts to stop this unhealthy behavior, but they always return to their old habits as a smoker to his cigarette.

Luckily this condition can be successfully addressed.

As with all addictions, the first and most difficult step is to admit that you have this problem. Addiction specialists often work with men who seek help for their addiction to sex, alcohol, gambling, etc.

The role of hormones cannot also be downplayed. Humans have sex hormones known as androgens which affect libido and may play a role in a person’s addiction to sex. Medications that regulate the activities of these hormones are sometimes used in the treatment of sex addicts. It’s the work of the professionals to systematically break different types of addictions – using psychological techniques, or through the use of drugs..

At the beginning of treatment, your therapist or treatment counselor may ask you to refrain from sexual activity entirely – in the short term. After that and once you start learning how to manage your behaviors, your therapist will assist you to get re-admitted into a responsible sex life.

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