So, someone says on Twitter,

Oga Dele is not just learned but patient!!!

If not for Twitter, how would you ever have the opportunity to meet Oga @DeleMomodu, with you spewing rubbish with such careless abandon?

This is someone empathizing with the unrelenting bashing you tend to go through online if you are a celebrity with a clear position on the current administration.

The self-effacing response was,

We are all equal before God almighty and I love even my self-appointed enemies, unconditionally …

The kind of love where you choose to block the dear enemy out ?

By the way, since when did a difference in opinion or blistering criticism necessarily translate into enmity?

Never mind the fact that this same celebrity has threatened (and eventually blocked,) many people who got excessively personally critical or abusive .

When you block someone, you never ever sees his tweets, and he never ever sees yours again, ever. That seems rather drastic, especially when you are a “goldfish”.

By the way,

How do you criticize someone without its being personal?

On social media, many of the commenters aren’t personal acquaintances. Many would comment, saying what they would never be able to say in real life, face to face. (It is just like people behind the wheels behaving in a way they never would, if glass was not separating them from others , and they are not cocooned in their vehicle )

It is therefore amazing when one sees both celebrities (and non celebrities) blocking people on Twitter, Whatsapp, unfriending on Facebook, just because someone they have never even met made a comment that rubs them the wrong way.

How really difficult it is to create another Twitter account to harass you, if that’s truly what I want to do. You block one, you get half a dozen new ones to carry on the Harassment Crusade.

If you delete an offensive comment on your Facebook Wall because you do not like it, you are minimally exhibiting intolerance. And maximally – bullying.

You take a step that the other party is powerless to do anything about, using that particular handle. You block someone on Twitter – he stays blocked. Only you can undo that. You delete a comment on your wall on Facebook, while your own comments,and comments that you like, stay on.

That’s tyranny. Of course there are exceptions where the Harassment is systematically sustained, in which case you can report to the Platform Operator.

The true test of being accommodating and exhibiting leadership quality is the ability to take random comments, whether vitriolic, repugnant, acerbic, or dulcet, with equal equanimity.

If someone talks nonsense on your timeline, must you really gag that person, by blocking or erasing his comments? How about just ignoring the comment, or if you wish to, return fire for fire, by responding appropriately? If you open a church, surely you should expect demons, sinners as well as angels?

If a person cannot handle small powers (the ability to determine who can say what on a public platform), imagine the monster that person could become with bigger wide-ranging powers – like the power to arrest without trial, dissenters and political opposition.

A Forbes article lists ways to handle criticisms.

Don’t React Impulsively. …
Don’t Take It Personally. …
Turn Criticism Into Opportunity

Give these a whirl each time you feel like shutting up / off someone abruptly – online or offline.

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