A Man Who Dares To Waste One Hour Of Time Has Not Discovered The Value Of Life.

I want to paraphrase this, and say:

A Man Who Dares To Waste Money Because He Can Afford To Has Not Discovered The True Value Of Money.

I have often wondered why people would continue to spend a lot of money on items that clearly have cheaper effective alternatives but keep complaining.

And they keep patronizing that product / brand. It is perplexing!

This reminds me of an instance where someone was whining, as follows:

6-inch Chicken Sandwich, An Oatmeal Raisin Cookie And Water, $19 Bucks! I Was Robbed!!?

And his friend responded,

Next Time, Pack Your Eba And Okro. Chicago Will Take Your Money

And the response,

$4.99 Water Still Somewhat Bearable?.They Charged Me $9 For The Same Bottle Of Water In San Diego Last Month?

I Just Might Start Packing My Lunch As Suggested So, why would a bottle of water cost $9, eh ? Exactly, why?

Here is Video Review Of Macbook Pro With TouchBar.

And someone had this to say, concerning it,

Watch This Guy Complain About The New Mac Book Pro Not Having USB Port Or Even The Regular Memory Card Slot And he shelled out $3,500 for that thing !!.
Thus is not a newbie.

He knew what he was buying before pulling out his purse.

Someone swiftly commented,

That is The Hallmark Of Being An Sheep Na. Grumbling, But Still Shelling Out Good Money For Watered Down Products. It?s A Curse!

But Then, It May Not Be For People Like Him. He Makes A Ton Of Money On YouTube.

I have lots of problems with this kind of thinking: the thought that,

once you can easily afford something, even if that something has better alternatives for far lesser price, then it?s okay.

No, it?s not okay. A media professional who would know has this to say:

Same Internals? Nothing Spectacular? Same Intel Processors , Nvidia Gpu? Nothing.. Is It Screen Resolution, Windows Does Same?

I Churn Out Videos On A Regular? Professional Video Editing Apps Support Multi-core Processors, I Enjoy That On My Hp Envy Touchsmart 17.

The Moment I See One Reason, I Mean Just One Reason Why A Mac System Is Better Than A Widows System Of Same Specification I?ll Switch.

For Now The iMac Supremacy Talk Remains Nothing But A Mere Myth.

My personal philosophy? The Price Paid For Something Should Reflect In The Value Got, Compared With Competing Products.

Affordability Has Nothing To Do With This.

For the one who believes that once you can afford something, it is okay to spend it, even if the product is sub-par, I had this rhetorical question for him:

So, in your world, because you can afford ?10k easily, you should use it to clean a table?.

This may be okay with him, but I wasn?t raised that way. It is quite noticeable that people often associate value with price / brand. This was forcefully brought home to me when someone said to me years ago,

Even If Sunny Ade (The Ultra Popular Yoruba Musician) Strikes Two Sticks Together, And Calls It Music, People Would Still Dance To It.

Let an unknown artiste try that stunt, and see where it gets him!

While it is true that value is often directly proportional to price / brand, we should not automatically assume that this is the case.

We should carefully check whether we are buying into hype, rather than than actual value. It often happens that what you pay for a product does not go directly into the product itself (like in the case of Apple products), but mostly into hype and brand perception, and the feel good aspect of owing that product..

But then, maybe the “feel good” aura is enough value for some?

Who knows?

Different folks, different strokes.

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