Three may keep a secret,if two of them are dead. Recently, a friend needed to do some transactions using one of my bank accounts, necessitated by the limits imposed on dollar amount transactions permitted per month. He needed my debit card details. Since we had the entire conversation on WhatsApp, and with the danger inherent in online conversations being leaked (despite the end to end encryption touted by WhatsApp), I decided to hunt online for a way to send the information needed by him, in encrypted form. He can then decrypt at his end, and  carry out his transaction. He needed the following debit card details: Name on card, Expiration date, ATM card number, The CVV code at the back. On searching online,  I came across this link

images-9Website That Allows You Encrypt Any Text Or Text File, among others like it. All  I then needed to do is specify an encryption key (which could be autogenerated on the website, if that’s preferred ), encrypt, and the encoded text is generated. Once I send the encrypted text, encryption-imagethe key used to encrypt can be used to decrypt it from that same website, at his end. All anyone needs to decrypt the electronic hieroglyphics is the encryption key. Extract from the website..: Text will be encrypted/decrypted using Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) and base64. Read more about TEA at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Encryption_Algorithm Test by entering a password and click “Encrypt Text” button to encrypt this default text. Then click “Decrypt Text” to decrypt. “Generate Password” will generate a 16 character password. Remember to copy your newly generated password because it’s unrecoverable! Privacy of Data: This tool is built-with and functions-in Client Side JavaScripting, so only your computer will see or process your data input/output. There are other websites offering similar functionality, but I find this straightforward to use. The service is free,  and provides a simple way of exchanging sensitive information (in encrypted form) either as email, SMS, or via an Instant Messaging Platform.

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